Midterm 2 Question 8

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Midterm 2 Question 8 Empty Midterm 2 Question 8

Post  jjna on Tue Mar 11, 2008 12:46 am

I just wanted to check why I was wrong...

For question 8 , c, I wrote down

If pH is lowered, it means it's a stronger acid, and concentration of H+ is higher. By the equation H2O + CO2 -> H2CO3 -> H+ + HCO3-, this decrease in pH leads to increase of CO2. Heart will beat faster, allowing the rate of transporting CO2 out of the cell to be higher.

The comment on there said "increase in rate of gas exchange at lungs?"

I read over the answer key and I though maybe i would get points off for not mentioning O2 exchange

but I thought it was a decent answer..
(I got a 0 for this part)

please tell me if i'm wrong-
(& please explain me why...)

and do you think if we ask for a regrade,
Dr. Wasserman would really take a look at the whole test
and lower our grade if he think something wrong.....?


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Midterm 2 Question 8 Empty Re: Midterm 2 Question 8

Post  TA Sean on Tue Mar 11, 2008 2:53 am

If you ask for a regrade he will definitely look at the entire test and take back points where another TA may have been generous in their grading. As far as the content of your question and the credit, the only one fit to answer that is the TA who graded it, who is Aria. I suggest emailing him with a concern you may have as we other TAs can't be certain what the scheme was for grading, beyond what the key says and you already have access to that. Gluck

TA Sean

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